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The management team Newmedi is known for its long experience in the design and manufacture of medical devices.
With its expertise in the areas of medical imaging and radiation protection since 1987, the team leader has often been asked Newmed in the continuity of its projects for manufacturing studies of medical devices by major international brands and retailers .
These specific skills are born in Newmedi big ambitions.

In 2010, Newmedi acquired company MTER itself specialist and owner of the cannula for Bommelaer Hysterography, but also a specialist in radiation protection. During 2008, MTER invested in a procedure ISO certification. Thus, thanks to its adaptability, listening skills and, MTER obtained ISO 9001 certification in early 2009.
Newmedi today ranks among the leading French manufacturers of equipment and materials in the field of medical imaging and interventional.

Skills center.
Newmedi, is studying solutions to the needs of its clients, it operates in the medical field as, imaging, surgical, cardiology, radiation, etc.. but also in various other activities ranging from industry to consumer products.
Our team has extensive experience up to more than 23 years in these areas, she will accompany you throughout the process from design to manufacturing to installation, putting in place, Then, if necessary, a service on the project site.
We treat the problem from A to Z, as a first step, we are looking for an existing solution on the market and adapt to your needs, if nothing is found, we develop a product and manage it until the hand-delivery complete file.
For work, we provide the interface between you and the various companies working on.
You will only have one partner and stay with peace of mind.

We will accompany you and advise you on layout and usability of your new exam room, with very many facilities to our credit, we will be able to indicate the provision most appropriate to your specialty.
In terms of radiation, we'll prepare a study of post and zoning.
For cardiology and electrophysiology, we will benefit from some of our techniques to eliminate electromagnetic interference computer.

We work with quality partners, and have a big drop on them. We lokking for our needs in France and around the world.
With over 23 years experience in the medical field, we are able to find the best suppliers and products at the best price.

Our profession of faith
Our sense of mission and vision of the business is in line with guidance and a sustained and permanent council with our clients, realization and implementation of our quality products, highly responsive, flexibility and adaptability to your requests.
While maintaining the utmost rigor and methodology in our daily lives, we focus on compliance, and schedule constraints imposed by your requirements.

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