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Table lead shield Ant'X

REF : ERP812
Family : Bas-volets

Description : New set of flexible protection against X-rays.
Requires more work, frees ceilings, is a multipurpose room to another.
Provides protection up to 3 operators.
Height adjustable allowing for greater protection of the doctor.
New cramp fi xing dual leadership, fi xing on the rail front, interchangeable from right to left of the table.
Kit A = fi xing and 1 low-component, bib: L 70 x H 70 cm.
B = mounting kit and 2 lower flap, flap: L 70 x H 70 cm + bib L 60 x H 70 cm.
Kit Kit B + C = central bib, bib: L 40 x H 70 cm.
Kit Kit D = A + + leaden screen mobile storage cart, screen size: 50 x 40 cm.

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