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Capt'X Veto

REF : EIM494
Family : Pour capteurs plans

Description :

New mobile support «CAPT’X Veto» for DR sensors or CR cassettes,
as well as for the standard cassette (film) will get you the position desired of them quickly and easily.
The «CAPT’X Veto» is very versatile and suitable for difficult ground.
The «CAPT’X Vet» is especially suitable for examinations that need to be taken around the animal by not
having to hold the sensor or radio cassette.
Its sub-structure down (foot) gives it great stability, made of steel 6 mm thick with an epoxy finish (stove
enamelled). The wheels of a diameter of 100 mm give it great maneuverability.
The vertical movements are telescopic, the system is light enough not to need the jack type of assistance or
counterweight, often recognized for mechanical problems generating technician interventions.
His kneecap for positioning the sensor in any desired inclinations. The double arm allowing flexible adjustment,
fast and precise depth of the sensor, all this in order to allow each user of the possibilities of optimal

Equipped with anti-fall sensor security.

Technical data :
Weight: 11 kg
Height: from 0 to 200 cm
H.120 cm x 60 x 60 cm
Compatibility :
DR sensors
CR cassettes
Standard cassettes (film)

Support for protection grid
36x43 cm. AIM491

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