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Cradle of conventional contention

REF : EIM107
Family : Berceaux

Description : Pediatric contention system compatible with all imaging services
This new contention system was developed with specialists
material, in order to maintain a small child smoothly and
Dedicated solely to the imaging examinations to the horizontal.
Adjusting the height and impact by simple manipulation, no
button or screw is being tightened.
Complemented by the new air mattress "Airbéb'x" you get a
optimal positioning and comfortable for the child, this will result in the
The attachment of the child and the mattress will be using the new bands
Self-gripping "Magic Strips".
These bands very flexible and soft to the touch on self-aggrippent it demands,
same principle as the "Velcro. "
They help to restrain a child gently, not
traumatic and most importantly, machine washable.
Dimensions: 2000 x 60 mm.

Comes as standard with:
- a complete system (picture left)
- 1 Airbéb'x mattress.
- 4-band Magic strips.

Registered Design

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