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Radiolucent movable table for interventional

REF : EBI179
Family : Tables

Description : Radiolucent table for medical imaging interventional floating panel.
Adjustable height with motorized extremely flexible, braking systems
may be activated by moving the pedal, which offers easy operation when
working near the patient (eg, fluoroscopie).
The table is equipped with a mechanical braking system.
All motors and electrical brakes are powered by
integrated batteries, providing operation
Wireless-l This table is particularly useful for
radiology and cardiology. The table surface in fiber
Carbon is very light and transparent to X-rays
Technical Data:
Table Dimensions: 215 cm x 65 cm
Radiolucency of the plate: 171 cm
Height: between 62 cm and 87 cm
Longitudinal movement of table surface: + / - 42 cm
Transverse movement of table surface: + / - 10 cm
Maximum patient weight 250 kg
Mechanical brakes and electric brakes
24 VDC batteries
Battery Charger

Rail in option.

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