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Gel Cushion flat bottom Half cylinder

REF : FBI093
Family : Câles et matelas

Description : Wedges and positioners range Multitask TM are designed to improve comfort
operative patient during surgery or during a stay in ICU. they
also find applications in neonatology for positioning, timing of
newborns. Mattresses fitted incubators and warm beds.
They play a very important role in the prevention of pressure ulcers by equalizing the pressures they
avoid bearing points.
They are also suitable for any treatment in hypo-or hyperthermic range
temperatures of - 60 ° to + 125 ° C.
They are transparent to X rays (with a slight loss of contrast)
COMPOSITION: These products are made from polyurethane (two component) according
Reach the Directive into force, achieving flexibility and elasticity (rheology between 80 and 90))
They are latex-free.
The outer shell is composed of a film in 75 micron PU ether stretch to 600% with
melting range 200 °.
COMPLIANCE: Our products comply with leading standards
international confer what their safety, efficacy and safety
These products are medical devices of Class 1
They receive the CE mark under Directive 93/42/EEC Health
They have been declared as such and have been registered under reference: B1 01371-96.
They have also received FDA approval (USA) under reference 9681471
GS Zeichen as No. 94-76 Hilfsmittelnummer MG and (insurance fund
German health)
CLEANING: The product range Multitask can be decontaminated and washed
according to the methods defined in the practice of sterilization (decontamination,
manual or machine washing, soaking ...)
STERILIZATION: the product line are designed for Multitask
NCTA sterilization cycle (125 ° C/18 ') after being conditioned by the means
PRECAUTIONS. : Before steam sterilization, it is necessary to verify the integrity
the outer envelope. Any product with a cut of the outer
(Cut or puncture) should be excluded from the load to be sterilized. Indeed, the alternating
pressure and depression will result in the leakage of gel inside.
A repair kit is available. It should however be noted that a product is repaired
longer support the passage and sterilizer must be cleaned with products
usually used by dipping.

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