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Airbaby Matress

REF : CGP001
Family :

Description : From medical research on the positioning of infants during an act of medical imaging, new mattress "Air Baby" offers a wide range of features as useful as comfortable.
There on the market today, no equivalent system allowing you as much functionality. In addition, the Air mattresses baby has been certified by the laboratory for ESA standards XPS54-044 and NF EN 12221.
Developed over a period of 27 months, "Air Baby" sustained in the short period of close to 18 developments, while being constantly tested by parents in different families, we take this opportunity to thank them for their help.
The mattress' Air Baby "is not an inflatable mattress, and it will quickly become an indispensable accessory for your practice that will follow baby wherever you go, at home one evening with friends at Grandpa and Grandma, but also during the weekend and holidays.
Composed of three separate inflatable, 1 Bath, 2, and the mixture in the middle, 3, a mattress "comfort" items you inflate or not, depending on the desired use.
1, on this side you have a bathtub scalable following the growth of your baby.
Just after birth, you can give it a bath without the head and ears are especially in water, for that items 1 and 3 will be inflated. With just 4 to 5 liters of water temperature, you can wash your baby with confidence.
Subsequently, after a few weeks, you can fully immerse your baby, why it is enough to deflate the comfort item No. 3. Unlike other model bath, you can let go of your baby time to take a towel or open a bottle, never taking his eyes from the recess.
By returning the mattress, with elements 2 and 3, you get a shower mat, you can rinse baby soap, or just give a quick shower to cool for example. Water discharged through the feet. In this configuration the mattress No. 3 should not be much swollen, so as to create a bowl under her buttocks so that your baby does not slip.
With the same configuration, you will have a changing mat, with real barriers that you will inflate more or less depending on whether or not your child is tonic. Due to the transparency of the tubes, your baby can see everything that happens around him he could not catch the little things here and there!
According to the standards mentioned, the Air mattresses baby fits babies from 0 to 6 months, a period when the baby is most vulnerable, but depending on the growth of the child, you can use more or less time.
By not blowing the part 3, you will have an anti-regurgitation mattress that you can put in the crib or under the mattress of 0-2 years. Very handy when your baby spits up or esophageal transit problems. But if it is cold, in order to facilitate the flow in throat or breathing. For this we must put the baby in position "recumbent" that is to say, with a slope 7 °.
Air mattress with the baby, you will always find plenty of other useful tips such as, for next summer, it could turn into a small pool, thus isolating it from the grass or sand. Because of its sloping mattress, with the elements 1 and 3 swollen and putting a little pleading from above you will get cozy.
In any case, any additional ideas will be under your responsibility and continuous monitoring, you will understand.

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