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Remote Potter

REF : EIM462
Family : Pour capteurs plans

Description :
 Once again, Newmedi innovating! With remote Potter, a fusion of four materials, the cassette holder, the Bucky, the stand and the table remote.
Point of interest.
To minimize clutter in the rooms, to increase their versatility, upgrade exams and offer the end customer a certain economy, Newmedi has developed and patented a remote controlled Potter. It from replacing all media cassettes wall, the Potter Bucky, mobile stand and remote banked (vertical), but also step over, stool ...
Nothing comparable exists to this day!
Equipped with two cylinders, one scheduled for stitching in 3 shots, these actuators are used to position all sensors plans cassettes or 5 cm of soil up to 2 meters. A box set is available on the Potter and remote control can control the stitching protected behind the screen. A drawer equipped with a fixed grid (43 x 43 cm) allows the introduction of cassettes or sensor. Leds can see the position of the internal drawer on the front.
The stand is equipped with two rails for accessories, two vertical handles over the entire height and a foot control.
Structure made ​​of steel powder coated textured white, rails and handles in brushed stainless steel, front PMMA diffusing 6 mm thick.
Overall dimensions: 220 cm x 82 cm x 35 cm.

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