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Medical accessories: All peripheral equipment to the table or radiology system used, as a manufacturer we may decline, adapt, design, all the accessories that would help the smooth running of your exams.

Leaded BA13: Plasterboard (BA13) sealed a deal for radiation protection of medical imaging rooms.

Sheet sizes: 2000 x 625 or 1250 mm

Thickness: 13 + lead thickness of 0.5 to 3 mm.

The plates are also available in waterproof BA13 depending on country of destination.

Stretcher nonmagnetic: Stretcher made ​​of aluminum and composite materials without magnetic MRI guarantee for a power of 3 Tesla. To maximize patient comfort, sleeping in our stretchers are made of canvas "Batyline" polyester ripstop coated with a foam mattress more comfortable dressed.

Medical stretcher: A stretcher is a device used to transport the wounded and sick. Depending on the destination site, it will be more or less equipped and flexible.

Leaded cabin: Install an x-ray source and to radiation protection standards, today is no longer a problem. The cabin consists of 2,3 or 4 panels with a gate, insulates and protects the source of X-rays the dentist It thus avoids all work sealing walls and disadvantages.

Veneered particle board laminated on the inside by a lead sheet of 0.5 mm to 3 mm thick.

Door mounted on hinges with a 3 leaded glass oculus.

Door safety switch, red diffuser presence of X-rays and stopping punch.

Extruded aluminum frame painted white and Leaded.

Cannula: A cannula is a small tube made ​​of plastic, metal, glass or rubber sometimes, straight or curved, allowing the passage of air or liquid contrast media through a natural orifice.

We offer a range of cannulae and cannulae for rectal hysterography.

Cardiology: Cardiology is the medical specialty that explores the heart and its diseases. The doctor who cares is called the cardiologist. By extension, it also deals with vascular problems.

As a manufacturer, we offer a range of materials to fit your rooms cardiology, and electrophysiology rhytmologie, see family 'block cardio. "

Light fields: More commonly known as operating light, team operating rooms, blocks of Cardiology, etc..

For the practitioner, this means it can distinguish very fine differences in color fabrics. The range of colors in the wound is made natural and very varied. An improvement in all the details is clearly visible and there is no eye strain. Absorption and reflection of infrared rays upwards, which results in a very low heat rise in the drapes.

Care carriage: The carriage of care must be adaptable to individualized care in compliance with the recommendations of hygiene, the care cart is assigned to each sector managed care for an idea of care "in series", ie for provision of care by type of care. Check out our range of trolleys in the "products ".

Examination couch: Bed for medical examinations, following the specialty there are a number of different models, fixed height, variable height couch, sofa rocking all or part of ultrasound couch for a reduced height of Pediatrics sofa, large or overweight. Different materials, they can be wood, painted metal or chrome and stainless steel.

Range: We offer a range of stainless steel pedestal and painted metal or chrome.

hysterography: The hysterography or hysterosalpingography is a review of radiology to the study of the cervix, the cavity of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Manufacturer of glass tube called Bommelaer and its use disposable kit has always been New Medi is the specialist equipment for the acts of hysterography.

Medical imaging: Medical imaging is the method by which a doctor can look inside the body of a patient without surgery. Medical imaging can be used for clinical purposes to establish a diagnosis or treatment of diseases but also in the context of scientific research studying the physiology of living beings. The purpose of medical imaging is to create a visual representation of information intelligible medical nature.

MRI: MRI, short for magnetic resonance imaging, is a medical imaging technique that provides a view in 2D or 3D body parts, including the brain. Unlike radiography, this imaging technique does not use X-rays but a large magnetic field to produce images.
The device that creates the magnetic field is composed of a multitude of magnet: it was either a small tunnel (closed system) or as a kind of umbrella overlooking the examination table (open).

The materials used to manufacture the hardware devices in the MRI does not contain magnetic particles, that is why we only use aluminum or composite materials.

Leaded Glasses: Glasses 0.75mm or 0.50 mm equivalent lead in front and 0.50 mm or 0.70 mm on the side.

Carbon coated glass loaded with lead, can reduce or stop the next x-ray power.

Footsteps: Stool, small cabinet with two or three degrees, which is used to achieve something or to get on an examination table. Several models to choose from, single, double and walks to sensor plane.

Medical furniture: All equipment for medical examination rooms, table, sofa, chair, cabinets, window, light boxes, screen linens, etc..

Negatoscope: The light box is like a little box with translucent glass, equipped with a lighting device, which the doctor places the radiographs for review.

Leaded panels: Wood panels (particleboard or medium according to availability) ready to paint, melamine or laminate.

Also available in color finish or wood grain. The panels can also be waterproof according to the country of destination.

Screen separation: A screen is an accessory, for separating two spaces. It consists of one or more components in tissue.

Leaded screen: Leaded module with a height of 2 m glass or not allowing radiation to protect the x-ray
We usually find in the halls of medical imaging scanner in the operating room, etc.. The screens are sealed of high quality.

Radioprotection: The radiation means all measures taken to protect the man and his environment against the adverse effects of ionizing radiation.

Wall Rail: The rails are wall to wall aluminum profiles to maintain a temporary or permanent equipment such as lamps, drawers, rods infusion of Block O2, baskets, etc.. Often used in recovery rooms, intensive surveillance of the rooms, etc..

Ionizing ray: Ionizing radiation is radiation that produces ionization in the material it traverses. These ionizing radiation, when controlled, have many practical uses and benefits (areas of health, industry ...), but for living organisms, they are potentially harmful to the long and fatal cases of high exposure. Ionizing radiation are of different kinds and from various sources, and their properties depend in particular on the nature of the constituent particles of radiation and their energy.

Rolls of lead: Lead sheet rolled to the thickness desired, from 0.5 to 2 mm depending on your needs.

Support of cassettes: Allows the maintenance of a cassette or a radiology digital plate. There are several types of media tapes, wall, or motorized mobile.

Support of monitors: Support for the maintenance of one or more LCD screens on a wall, ceiling, equipment, etc..

Radio transparent tables: Radio transparent tables equipped with wheels to the rendrent mobile so as to move in the place or the ergonomics of the room you want.

These tables are often used in medical imaging services, for angiography, electrophysiology, assembly probe, catheterization, laying of pacemakers, interventional guidance and minor surgery.

Lead apron: In partnership with a specialist in the field of radiation protection and individual technical clothing, with a professional to have high enriched by many years of experience, we offer a range of radiation injury.

This range is a huge hit with users in the radiology and surgery, with its innovative details. These advanced techniques and ergonomics make our shirts a range of upmarket clothing.

Based Leaded vinyl, our range is available in two versions, extra-light and lead free.

Comfort: Manufacturing multilayer constructed from thin sheets of lead rubber (spray), our aprons include additional elastic ensuring their perfect fit in time.

Hygiene: Very good resistance to soiling, antibacterial treatment, surface decontaminated by spray or wipes.

Selection: Wide selection of styles, sizes and colors. Possibility of personalization embroidery (optional).

Nylon coating for standard use or interventional use PVC.

Lead Glass: The special lead glass provides perfect protection against x-rays whether in research or medical technology.
It complies with IEC 1331-2 and DIN 6841.
Lead glass are used whenever we need a clear, protective, and they are working mainly in the operating room, cardiology, laboratory, X-ray rooms, sealed on the screens, frames sealed, the oculus, the treatment rooms and care, to glaze the windows of the observation posts, the doors of communication, protection panels (mobile or fixed), casing handling, etc. ...