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Steps for sensor

REF : EIM121
Family : Pour capteurs plans

Description : Runing Room Medical Imaging complies fully with the standards required by the EEC.

This system was designed to position a patient in the best conditions of comfort and safety. It allows you to practice exams foot care, face or profile in theaters equipped with a medical imaging system.

To allow optimized centering, the gateway has a large transparent surface. The stairs are retractable from below to minimize the floor space when it is no longer in use. Banners "grades-body" rotate depending on the side where you want to work. If necessary, they are removable. The 6-foot roller give it great stability and can accept the weight of more than 160 Kg

Technical Data:

Model: Length x width x height

Closed: 900 x 700 x H. 1480 mm
Opened: 1120 x 900 x H. 1480 mm

Platform: 800 x 670 mm
Transparent area: 660 x 530 mm
Height: 570 mm (ground)

Steps: 800 x 210 mm
Height: 190 mm (each step)

Barriers: H. 910 x 640 mm

Registered Design

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